Ready to work? We have program to help you get into the workforce.

We are offering a FLEXIBLE program @ HAECC this Fall that can help prepare you for the workforce. Focused on practical training, an individualized approach, and partnerships with local businesses. (Training Certificate for a Semiskilled Trade – TCST)
Some of the questions we tackled in the video:
– Can you explain what the program is about?
– Who can apply?
– When, where, and how is it offered?
—- CLICK HERE to fill in the application form —- / choose “I want to learn skills for the workforce.”
To successfully complete the requirements for a TCST a student must participate in a minimum of 450 hours of adult general education courses such as Math, English, and French, and also successfully complete a minimum of 450 hours of practical training for the semiskilled trade. The possible choices of which semiskilled trades are available can be found here:


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