Rock Solid

I have been connected to the stone business for over 30 years.  My job was to prepare the stones on pallets for landscapers and masons.  Around 10 years ago I decided to change my career due to my age and back problems.  In 2003-2004 I enrolled in the Landscaping course at the career centre in Ormstown (CVCEC).  I already had some knowledge and experience with stone products for masons and landscapers.  I was principally taking the course to learn about excavation and proper procedure for stone walls.  The nine month course exceeded my expectations.  I learned about horticulture and carpentry on outdoor projections, excavation, compacting and construction of walls and patios.  An added benefit for me was learning design and communication skills that I have since used in my new career.  In the spring of 2004,  I started my own landscaping business and since then my two sons have worked by my side off and on with all my landscaping projects.

The program also brought me the opportunity to teach the stone work modules at CVCEC. The sky is the limit once you enter the doors at the CVCEC!

Gary Livingstone Paysagiste – Landscaper & Teacher at CVCEC.

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