Sail away with us…

Due to the fantastic summer-like weather we had in September, students in the SVIS, Sunshine Class (SIS) and Melissa Sunshine Camp had the opportunity to go on an adventure in the National Wildlife Area in Lake St-Francois in Dundee, in the most southwestern part of Quebec.

Aboard three Rabaska canoes (a 25-foot-long boat accommodating about 12 people) paddlers sailed to Lake St-François through the fauna and flora of the wetlands. It was a moment to put aside thoughts about wheelchairs, anxieties and insecurities. Everyone benefited and enjoyed, a few splashes, and the peace of mind of floating on the black waters of the calming marshland populated by aquatic animals.

To put it simply… ‘we are all in the same boat’. We enjoyed the opportunity to not dwell on our differences, but simply enjoy the company of one-another… it was a gift in itself.

Definitely an experience to do again.


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