Santa goes High Tech!

Dear Santa’s friends,

I wanted to take a moment to compliment and thank all the boys and girls I spoke to last week from the New Frontiers School Board. I used my video conference system (from my North Pole home office) to speak with over 16 classes from Pre-K, Kindergarten, Learning Centers and the SFIS Adult learners group from HAECC. And due to my extremely busy holiday schedule, this gave me a chance to talk to nine different schools for (20-30 minutes each – during three days) via their schools’ video conference system and share some fantastic stories with them.

I was so pleased to hear about their great teamwork, the sharing and the hard work in class that each and every boy and girl had done this past year. Receiving those beautiful pictures and drawings from them definitely brightened up my office walls. Getting an opportunity to sing a few Christmas songs together was also a highlight of my busy week. And finally I’d also like to congratulate the students on the very interesting questions they had, such as: how is MRs Claus, how do my reindeers fly, how do I get around the world in one night, do my elves ever make supper or did my older brother make the nice list… just to name a few.

Using the video conference system allowed me a chance to save on my travel expenses and save-time in order to chat one-on-one with the students and their teachers before I head to their homes on Christmas Eve.

Finally I also wanted to give a “very very special ho-ho-holiday thank you” to the NOVA students from the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program who decorated my “North Pole office” (which was located at 214 rue McLeod, in Chateauguay this year) into a picture perfect workspace during all the video conference sessions.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays everyone

yours truly,

Santa Claus

(photos: students at Harmony and St. Willibrord during their chat with Santa.  / NOVA students from the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program – wishing a Merry Christmas to Harmony school and Santa in his decorated workshop.)

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