Seeing how the land lies

With the Provincial Skills Olympics competition fast approaching, a friendly competition for Landscaping with our Monteregie colleagues made for a great practice! On Friday, April 6 we welcomed the CFP St-Hyacinthe team to our Landscaping shop for a friendly competition.

With plans in hand, the competitors worked hard to build and replicate the design within the allotted time.  The setting was similar to that of the competition day in May, the participants not only practiced their landscaping skills but felt the pressures of the ticking clock as well as the eyes of coaches and spectators.

During lunch, the discussion between coaches and participants was cooperative and constructive as they assessed the progress of each team.  By the end of the day, the spirit of the competition was palpable. Participants worked hard to wrap up in the last minutes. When the end of the competition was called, the coaches took time to analyse and critique each project.  Once again, knowledge and know how was discussed to the benefit of all.

Clearly, the winners of this friendly competition were all 4 competitors. In a true spirit of the games, the participants took up the challenge, honed their skills, made friends and had fun.

Thanks to everyone for being real team player!


Debbie Dohmen
Department Head (Landscaping Operations, CVCEC)

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