A strong footing for future leaders

We are finishing up the Footing and Wall Forms module in the Carpentry program at CVCEC. This was an opportunity for students to learn another new skill, make a wooden mould in which to cast the concrete of a building. The result should be solid and square. The assembly must be fast and it must be easy to disassemble. In short, with a dose of elbow-grease and some creative construction, the puzzle can then be assembled and disassembled easily!

Having previously done the Furniture and Accessories module, many students were surprised to see how being an accomplished carpenter dictates having a multitude of skills, each with their own unique nuances and distinct characteristics. That’s one of the reasons why the carpentry trade is such a rewarding and fulfilling occupation.

A carpentry diploma (DEP) helps familiarize our students with a multitude of disciplines, whether it be the design of a kitchen cabinet, assembling beams and columns, building structural walls or a roof structure, installing a door or even the design and finishing of a staircase. Mastering the use of tools and applying the geometry fundamentals, a carpenter can create a masterpiece with their very own hands.

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