Stainless Steel Welding: GTAW and RSW – January 2020 – sign-up now!

Stainless Steel Welding: GTAW and RSW

Cost: Free                                     Length: (720 hours)/6 months
Start date: January 8, 2020         Time: Monday-Friday (3:30-10:00 pm) / includes 3 Saturdays* (Dates to be determined)
Contact info:450-691-2540
Requirements: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including welding helmet, earplugs, mask, steel toe boots, jacket and safety glasses. (all items can be purchased from our tool room if necessary except for the boots.)
*a minimum of students required / spaces limited

Specialists in this trade work in the metallurgy sector, and perform various tasks such as preparing, assembling and welding various components and accessories. More specifically, they drill and prepare parts, assemble them, use the GTAW and RSW processes to weld them, straighten them and control buckling, polish them and apply surface treatments, and control the quality of manufactured products.

Stainless steel welders work in a variety of sectors of activity such as the food processing industry, hotel and restaurant services, laboratory equipment manufacturing, the hospital sector and architecture.

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