“Starting a Business” students looking for you!

We are looking for applicants to teach portions of our Starting a Business program. Want to know more, email our Centre Director, Bonnie Mitchell: Not convinced you should reach out to Ms. Mitchell? Let us give you some more details!


The program is broken into competencies within the program. We are looking for potentially multiple people to teach different topics.
This is what our students want to reflect and learn about? – (The “real” name of the module)
  • What exactly is my business idea? – (Entrepreneurial Profile)
  • What should I write down for my idea? – (Business Plan)
  • How can technology help me? – (Technological Tools)
  • Will anybody really want my stuff or service? – (Market Study)
  • How can I get people to care about my stuff or service? – (Marketing Products or Services)
  • What type of needs will I have (finance, human, material, etc.)? – (Resource Planning)
  • Am I ready to be my own boss and start this dream? – (Starting and Managing a Business)
Where will I teach it?: NOVA Career Centre (in Chateauguay) – ​​The course is delivered in a hybrid model alternating between in-person at NOVA and online with Microsoft TEAMS (some evaluations take more than one class so it could mean a week at the centre and then four weeks online).
When?: ​The course is offered from 5-10:30 pm in the evening. Monday & Wednesday – (September 2021 to February 2022).
What do I get paid?: (based on experience, an hourly rate of approximately: $50-55 an hour.) This hourly rate includes the planning, delivery of lessons, and corrections of evaluations. These will most likely happen outside of the class schedule so be prepared to work on your planning during your own time. You must be able to submit to a judicial background check and have it approved before starting.

But I have never taught before? ​If it is your first time teaching – we have lots of support for you – from the front office staff to our education consultant, all your questions are answered!

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