Student made bobsleighs, Dr. Seuss, new spin bikes and more…

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(photos: new spin bikes @ HAECC, CVR student thanking business owner, Gault Olympiad montage.)

Homemade bobsleighs a hit!
The Olympics were front and center at Gault Institute. For over two weeks students studied the Olympic Games within their classroom curriculum, then in late February, they took part in their own Olympiad which included: curling, ringuette, biathlon, speed-skating and much more. For sure one of the highlights was the student made bobsleigh event, check out the video to see some of the action: The staff did a fantastic job putting on the events and a special thank you to the Olympiad committee: Kent Erskine, Anick Leclerc, and Melissa Larocque. Claire Mallette, CLC Valleyfield technician was also able to get for the students free of charge a slew of equipment from Sportothèque and the municipality of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

If you build it, they will skate!
A press conference was held at Gault to officially launch the construction of a permanent skating rink on the schools grounds, as New Frontiers School Board Director General Mr. Rob Buttars and the Mayor of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Mr. Denis Lapointe were both on hand for the official signing. Construction on the rink will begin this summer, as the municipality will take care of cleaning the ice surface during the winter months. And once school hours are over citizens will be able to use the facility for hockey and ice skating and during the summer months’ cosom hockey and basketball will be played on the cement foundation. Mr. Buttars added this project would definitely help with student success.

Sharing expertise
The Chateauguay (CLC) was asked to present (on Feb. 4th) their Ambassadors Program, a program done in partnership with Sken:Nen A’onson, (To Become Peaceful Again – a peace centre based in Kahnawake that teaches restorative practices) to multiple school board personnel from across the province. St. Willibrord Principal Marc Brindle, Ambassador Facilitator Samantha DeSouza and CLC technician Anthony Spadaccino presented and explained to their audience the type of progress this program has had at improving the learning environment within the school.

Hey Saint-Jude, great job
For the first time ever a Community Wednesday was held at école Saint-Jude (Feb 5th). Over 400 people came to the event which help builds connections between schools and their communities. A couple of the highlites included an exquisite student made art gallery for parents and the free face painting was a huge success.

Teaming up for tea and song
Centennial Park and St. Willibrord music programs received an intergenerational grant which will allow the two schools to partner together and hold a concert for local seniors. Students from both schools music choirs will be interviewing seniors from local senior homes to discuss all of the various types of music they enjoy listening to. Students will then send out invitations to the seniors and hold a concert while providing tea and snacks for their special guests.

Culturally dynamic
St. Willibrord received a grant which will allow them the opportunity to offer student workshops exploring Aboriginal culture. The school will also be using the funds from the grant to hold an aboriginal cultural day as music teacher Ms. Ianneciello envisions having dancers, food and an art exhibits during this special event.

Saying thanks
Chateauguay Valley’s CLC technician Kim Wilson and one of C.V.R.’s Learning Centre students Adam Boness-Cotterel went to visit local businesses to say a big “Thank You” for donating rakes and/or bags for their Fall Raking Project. Each business was pleasantly surprised to receive a special plaque to hang in their establishment.

Dr. Seuss is in the school
O.E.S. teacher Kaylie Bernert along with her Grade 1 & 2 students celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday through a fun and educational video conference (VC). Students learned about the actual real-life Dr. Seuss, they learned to use some ASL (American Sign Language) from Dr. Seuss words, made a Dr. Seuss zip pull and were read a Dr. Seuss story (Green Eggs and Ham). This VC was used to launch our Dr. Seuss study as students are reading a variety of books and doing art and related writing activities. We have a community member visiting to do a science experiment (students will make green goo based on the story of Bartholomew and the Oobleck) and Violette from Comité d’Action Local du Haut Saint Laurent (community organization) will be coming to read Dr. Seuss stories to them. Finally during “I Love to Read” week there will be a celebration Dr. Seuss style.

The “VC” connecting students
Two Classes from Heritage Elementary made a special trip over to the Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre (HAECC) to use the Video Conferencing (VC) system. Jagdeep Trehin (Spiritual Animator) ethics class from C.V.R made multiple presentations to the students from Heritage. These presentations were on different religions and celebrations from around the world. Thanks class you did a great job!

Spin Classes
HAECC has 12 new spin bikes and now will be offering Spin classes during the day and evenings through the CLC. If you are interested in taking a class contact Jayme at HAECC 450-264-9276. If you come as a group we can set up special times with our instructor.

Exercise classes for kids
Tiny Tot fitness classes for children ages 2-6 years old have started up again at HAECC. Over 12 parents have signed up their kids for a 30 minute class of exercise, stretching, games and fun!

Community Garden in Huntingdon
The Huntingdon CLC is working in collaboration with the Huntingdon CLSC and Jeunesse Rural en Forme to start a community garden in the town of Huntingdon. Our plan is to have the garden up and running before the end of June. As spring approaches things are starting to come together, the Horticulture students from HAECC have started to plant seeds and grow them in the green house. Four classes from Heritage Elementary School have offered to participate in the project by learning about gardens, planning the layout and transplanting the plants. We are all very excited for the snow to start melting and being able to get our hands a little dirty!

Partners with a purpose
A Community Partners page for families and all staff members is available at – . There you will find a brief description of services available in our area, as will be periodically update the page in an effort to have useful resource references for our community.

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