Helping You Decide

SARCA (Reception, Referral, Counselling and Support Services)

If you’re looking to acquire a high school diploma, enroll in a vocational training program, change career paths, or are unsure about what you would like to do next, then SARCA is for you. We provide you with guidance and support to help you discover your personal learning path. We have all the resources on site to help you succeed and our trained and caring staff are happy to answer all your questions. Our goal is to help you develop an educational plan of action and then provide you with all the support needed along the way. SARCA is a free service available to all adults (students and non students alike).

How we support you:

  • We help you to understand your strengths so that you can discover your educational goals and career path.
  • We help you develop and define a plan of action based on what you truly want.
  • We give you access to all of the resources that are available to you along the way.

Student for a Day

Our Student for a Day program allows interested students to experience a specific trade before committing to the program. Students have the opportunity to meet the teachers, explore the facilities, see the types of projects that are being done, discover the program more fully and speak with current students. There’s no limit to the number of programs you can explore.

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