Sunshine Day @ CVCEC: courtesy HAECC students

May 24 2018 – CVCEC health care teams welcomed with enthusiasm the Melissa’s Sunshine Camp from HAECC.
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The morning was filled with fun activities to get to know each other.  The three groups of students had the opportunity to work together in preparing lunch for almost 30 participants.  Everyone enjoyed the homemade pizzas, salads and special cupcakes that were made.  The afternoon activities included a visit to our centre, fun games and lots of laughter.
“It was a really good experience to welcome them for the day, very grateful.” – Jesika Deslauriers, Home Care Assistance group
“Thanks so much to all the teachers for arranging for all of us to have this opportunity.” – Diann Corriveau, Home Care Assistance group
“That day was a nice experience, they brought the sun into our school” – Rebecca Lafleur- Roach, Health, Assistance and Nursing group
– The Health Program teacher team
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