Teaching Tools

The Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre offers students a learning environment that is up to date with all of the latest technologies, tools, equipment, and learning opportunities available in Vocational Education today.
The Carpentry and Landscaping shops are well-stocked with tools and equipment that Carpenters and Landscapers would be expected to work with and maneuver on a construction site, in a green house or in someone’s back yard. Our students are given the opportunity to practice their skills such as fork lift training, aerial lift training, scaffolding, hoisting systems, metal bending brake, panel saws, table saws and many more.
The Health Care programs can practice their skills in a simulated hospital environment as well as a private home care setting. Students profit from the technologies available to them; smartboards, iPads, and blogs, are all part of the innovative tools being used at CVCEC. Also, participating in various International projects such as working in the Dominican Republic creates an exciting and rewarding learning experience.



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