Teamwork in Health Care

In mid September, the new combined Home Care Assistance(HCA)/ Health Care Facilities(HCF) program started at CVCEC. So, as a welcome to the Centre for the new students, the two groups of Health, Assistance and Nursing(HAN) students joined the class for a “meet and greet” opportunity. Préposés and HANs work together in the field, so it seemed only natural that they get together and get to know each other and their respective roles, during the learning phase.

The 2015 class of HANs were in the Centre to finish their last two theory modules, First Aid and Palliative Care, before they head back out to the hospitals to resume and complete their stages. It’s great to have them back in the Centre to share their “real world” experiences with the new, 2016 HAN group, which started late in August. The “old” group really look forward to meeting the “newbies” to encourage them and offer practical advice on study skills, exams and preparing for stage. It’s like a rite of passage to return and be the experienced ones. Each group remembers the visit of the graduating students. Proof that success is really possible and that 10 or 16 months really isn’t that long.

The plan for 2014-2015 is to have the HCF/HCA and HAN groups more involved with each other, especially in the lab setting, bringing a more “real” experience into the school setting. Working together, what could be better?

Janet Tolhurst (Health Care Teacher)

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