Techno Savvy-Seniors

Communication is vital to belonging and understanding. That is my philosophy behind the Computer Literacy for English Seniors course. Myself and assistant, Joshua Deschambault deliver this pilot project program at CVCEC and NOVA, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Montérégie West Community Network (MWCN), under the guidance of their executive director Pauline Wiedow, applied for the course funding with the mission to create supporting networks for seniors within our communities.

Course participants have a desire to communicate in a technology-driven world and have chosen to give themselves the gift of stretching their horizons.

Our “computer generation” has seamlessly migrated into technology, acquiring terminology such as login, password, internet, security issues, USB, word document, spam, phishing, attachments, trash, labels, code, archives, cookies….etc. For the “pre-computer generation” this is a foreign language that hinders their ability and comfort to participate.

This 6-week course successfully addresses the need to expand computer literacy, skills and vision. The program provides a set time and assistance to explore “the computer” and to address the numerous unknowns that are encountered on a daily basis. Unknowns which frustrate the user and create a distance between the computer and themselves resulting in isolation and a sense of defeat.

The comments of the 40 some participants include a gratitude for the sharing of knowledge and an appreciation for the support and patience they receive. Students leave class with a sense of accomplishment and gratification for their newly acquired computer knowledge and skills. In addition, they learn from each other and see that they are not alone in the learning process.

Our school boards career adult centres provide state of the art computer rooms, reliable internet service and IT support. Their contribution to this worthy cause is appreciated and valued by all that are involved.

Nancy Saunders, B.Sc. B. Ed. & M.Ed.

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