The Breakfast Club

WHAT? The Breakfast Club is for students and staff who do not have time for breakfast. We opened it Wednesday, January 14th.

WHY? We know some students, especially in our class, that have not eaten breakfast, because of both time and money.

WHERE? At HAECC, near the office, we put out toast, jam, peanut butter, hot drinks,toasters, margarine. Everyone is welcome.

WHEN? It’s on Wednesdays, from 8:15 – 9:00 am. We tried to have it Mondays and Fridays as well, but no volunteers.

HOW? Students go to give money, if they can, or 5 cent bottles and cans, and then they hand -sanitize their hands. They can make their hot drinks and their toast, depends on which one they want to do. Then they can put their toast spread on. Then they go to class or come back and make two more toasts.


  • The outcome for the first day… $21.85
  • The comments… a lot of people wanted it every day and even at break time
  • The way it was arranged to flow
  • The help from the (SFIS) Sunshine Class to clean up everything after


  • Two of the people were not at their posts!
  • Our communication between us (we think it’s better now)

Please come if you read this!!!

Written by SVIS students


Note from SVIS Teacher, Johanna Cardinal: This project practices SVIS curriculum modules dealing with “Gaining a Sense of Responsibility”, “Oral & Written Communication Skills at Work”, “Working in Teams” and “Problem-Solving Strategies”. The Breakfast Club is also HAECC’s local initiative to meet the needs of students, as part of our participation in Free the Children’s “Me to WE” philosophy and activities.

Special thanks to HAECC’s Kathleen Hackett, for signalling the need for the Breakfast Club in our Center, and to Christine Dussault & her Sunshine Class for getting things ready with us the day before, as well as cleaning up after we are done. What a team!

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