The Creative Process…

Every creative project starts with an idea, a concept. It is the beginning of the journey. Without a strong vision, things can fall apart. However, the idea will change along the way and the end never looks exactly how you imagined it. This is what we call a “creative process”. In the Interior Decorating and Display courses, I try to cultivate the idea of the process with my students. I help them to start their beginning by defining their “end” or vision but encouraging them not to get too attached to it. I remind them about the journey and I help them make it happen.

In this particular project, we worked on translating the essence of 3 pieces of fabric into one. We captured it through the use of colour, texture, pattern and feeling. This project provides students with skills they can transfer to other areas, such as capturing the essence of a company’s business ethos or a client’s design aesthetic.  – Nadine Thomson (Interior Decorating & Visual Display teacher)




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