The Driving Force

We are proud to share a creative partnership, between the New Frontiers School Board and the Riverside School Board showcasing the story of educators who have enabled students to flourish in Automobile Mechanics studies. Teachers Pierre Beaucage & Derek Stacey were honoured with an AWARD for Innovative Teaching Practices for their work.

The award was based on the following criteria.

1. Demonstrates effectiveness in contributing to perseverance and student success
2. Demonstrates Leadership
3. Has a positive impact on individual and group learning environments
4. Demonstrates creativity
5. Is an innovative practice

In order to maximize resources and student involvement, the modules of the Automech program were grouped together and taught in blocks of four to five modules at a time. The theory for all modules, is taught to the entire group which is then subdivided into smaller groups who execute a number of planned tasks related to one of the modules. Once the tasks are completed for the current competency, the groups rotate to the next module.

In addition, enrichment activities are built into the modules to engage students and increase retention.

Finally, multiple students have been helped through concomitance in this program. This has helped students attain their objective of gaining a double diploma: DVS (Diploma Vocational Studies) in Automobile Mechanics, as well as, in certain cases, their High School Leaving Diploma.

Both Pierre and Derek demonstrated effectiveness in contributing to perseverance and student success, exemplified leadership, showed a positive impact on individual and group learning environments, and demonstrated creativity.

Here is a video snapshot of their story.

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