The Great Golden Search

Our Trade it Forward (TIF) project is in full throttle and we’re seeing some amazing projects being shared through our TIF web portal.

To make our TIF social change project even more exciting, we introduced the Great Golden Trade Object Search. In all, there are 4 golden trade objects to be discovered: a Trowel, a Hammer, a Wrench and a Hair Dryer. Each object represents one of our 16 trades training programs.

On October 11th at our Trade it Forward Launch Event, the first golden object “The Trowel” was found at Petch Orchard by Daniel Mikhail, a student at Chateauguay Valley Regional High School. Congrats to Daniel!
The other three golden objects are still up for grabs. The person finding the golden object is invited to start a Trade it Forward project and create a chain of helping events (they help someone and that person helps someone else). In return, we will be rewarding the person who found the golden object and fulfilled the golden TIF challenge with a $1000 thank you prize.

Clues to the location of the Golden Hair Dryer will be shared publically on the NFSB Facebook page starting on October 14th, with clues to the location of the Golden Hammer to follow. Clues to the location of the Golden Wrench are being shared internally at NFSB’s three adult career and education centres, as this particular object is redeemable only by a student enrolled in one of NFSB Continuing Education’s programs.
We can tell you that all of the golden objects will be hidden somewhere in the Chateauguay Valley. To discover where precisely, you will need to connect into our Facebook community and like our page to receive the weekly clues.

Maybe YOU will find the next Golden Object…


The Great Golden Object Search thank you prizes are made possible through the support of our Trade it Forward major sponsor Priest Construction.

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