The NOVA Choristers

The Nova Choristers began some seven or eight years ago and basically amounted to a simple rag-tag group of students getting together with Messrs Andrey Kutash and William Byron over the course of a lunch hour to make some music. A typical session might find a few students trilling ‘Silent Night’, or ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ or perhaps trying a tune from Simon & Garfunkel.  No special musical skill is required for these endeavours, merely a wish to be a part of the jolly mayhem which unavoidably occurs when a group of harried adult students attempt to warble ‘Eidelweiss’, without falling about laughing. This has proved to be a pleasant enough adjunct to the day to day doings at Nova, and the thing has continued through the rolling years down to the present day.

In its present incarnation, the choir has expanded to include singers from other departments under the aegis of the Nova Career Centre. In tandem with this has arrived new equipment {happily won through an educational grant}, such as very nice P.A. system with all the trimmings, and top-of-the-line electronic recording gear.  With all this in hand, one would like to envision the club truly gaining ground throughout the Centre, thereby expanding its skill base and ability to produce great music. After a strong showing at Christmas 2013, The Nova Choristers are looking forward to the new semester with optimism and relish.



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