The Power of “Play” in Adulthood

Our SIS students (Sosicla Integration Services) have been very active! Physicians recommend adults to get at least 30-minutes of physical activity a day. The benefits include increased muscle strength, bone building, increased cardiovascular health, and improved mental health. We go for long walks every day ranging anywhere from 1 km around the neighbourhood to 3 km to and from the library, and even sometimes up to 5 km a day with a morning and afternoon walk!  Sometimes we stop off at the park where we are able to enjoy ourselves and explore our boundaries. We also have gym three times a week where we focus on stamina, flexibility, and most importantly – having fun! We play games that work on motor skills, physical coordination, strategy, and teamwork. Our group this year will be continuing to focus on physical fitness and healthy living and we hope to be able to keep up our pace as the weather changes. – Tiffany, Tracey & Laurie’s SIS group

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