The scrum of its parts…

Another school year is well underway at the Nova Career Centre, but there was also plenty of activity in the welding department during the summer with three ongoing DEP groups during the day time and another group at night.

At the beginning of September, we started a 4th DEP Welding and Fitting group that started during the day and a second Welding & Fitting as well as a speciality Pipe Welding group that started during the afternoon. It would seem that everyone has realized that the welding job market is hot in more ways than one. As a result of the demand in our program, we have been fortunate in acquiring the area that was once used for the Recreational Vehicle repair program. A new ventilation system and upgraded electrical requirements will be installed, while the welding booths will be designed, fabricated and installed by our welding students.

What a great project for the students to reinforce their blueprint development and reading skills, assembly & welding techniques, not to mention the development of team work that is necessary in every industry and job site. In the spring of last year, we were approached by the coach of the girl’s rugby team at Howard S Billings to fabricate a “Scrum Machine” for them to use in practice, developing proper form and skills used in the pack. With no plans to work by, coach and welding teachers (along with students) developed a blueprint, assembled, welded and had the unit ready for them to use before the end of the school year. Congratulation to the girls and coach, with hard work and dedication the girls cleaned up last year winning the championship.

Word must have spread about the Scrum Machine, we were approached by the Montreal Exiles, a N.D.G. Rugby team to develop a mobile Scrum Machine to be used with their youth and adult teams. Being in the city they are not able to leave equipment in the park they use so it had to be incorporated onto a trailer for transportation to and from the park. Again, working without a Blueprint, the department had to develop plans, be flexible and change those plans as the fabrication proceeded.

A Scrum machine on wheels defeats the purpose because it would roll over the grass too easily on wheels so a braking system had to be created and weight to act as resistance. An old 60 gallon hot water tank was incorporated on the trailer, full of water this adds approximately 600lbs of resistance for the teams to practice the necessary skills and techniques required to be successful.

One month into the new school year and so much is happening already. We are looking forward to another exciting year and the interesting projects that will obviously come with it.

Brian Burton (coordinator) and team (Welding and Fitting program)



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