The Transformation: Sandbox to Landscape

The Landscape Shop is humming! The concrete has been placed. Lumber is being cut and frames are being pieced together. Stone is being chipped into shape and walls are going up. Discussion and problem solving is ongoing as the students move on to the next step in the construction of the landscape project in progress. Everyone is hard at work and the project is well underway.
In a few short weeks our students will graduate from the Landscaping Operations program but before they are done there is one last important step, preparing for the CVCEC 2016 Open House. This is an opportunity for our students to put into practice what they have learned. With a plan, the empty sandbox is transformed into a landscape and the results… well you just have to come and see!
Join us on April 27th, 2016 from 3pm to 6pm, as CVCEC host the 2016 Open House, come visit our Centre and find out about our programs and our students.

Deborah Dohmen
Landscaping Operations Teacher

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