The Véhicube

In mid-February, NFSB proudly hosted the Véhicube, an initiative from the Pierre Lavoie Foundation to help elementary school students learn the basics of healthy eating and active living.

Students from Harmony and Howick as well as invited guest school St. Jean Elementary, participated in the Véhicube experience. The Véhicube is a touring caravan that offers interactive experiences including an, “Eat Better” workshop using iPads and an exciting, “Get More Active” workshop on stationary bikes, using a surround screen to project students into various terrain while they ride. These activities provide students will hands-on learning experiences in an extremely fun environment.

This structured event starts in the morning with a school-wide assembly with stretching and Zumba, culminating at the end of the day in another assembly for Cycle 3 students. Following their 40-minute experience in the Véhicube, each student receives a carton of milk and a healthy snack.

A good time was had by all!


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