Personal Empowerment through a trade

“Tools and skills, in the dawn of the world were a man’s first, best friends. They remain his best friends still in a world grown old and infinitely complex. By means of them he can unlock the doors to a life of creative activity that is full of interest. Without them he is mere shadow of the man he might be.“ – Charles H. Hayward, 1954

Being a carpenter is not an ordinary livelihood; it’s a tool chest full of skills and know-how to unlock an enormous potential of creativity and autonomy. You’ll have the aptitude to accomplish any kind of project you have in mind: build a treehouse for your kids or an amazing green-house, help a friend renovating, repair a wooden boat, adapt an apartment for someone in a wheelchair, or obviously, build your own house. What would normally look crazy or impossible might be within your grasp! I’m very glad to be part of the teacher’s team, here at the CVCEC. It’s an opportunity for me to support students in the pursuit of their goal and a very rewarding experience to assist them in their learning process. I can’t wait to hear more about your personal ambitions. Register now!

Alex Lavoie (Carpentry Teacher)

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