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The Home Care Assistance program provides our students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they learn from theory, to working hands-on with clients and their families in different stage settings.  Stage locations include CLSC, Rehabilitation Centers, School Settings, Non-Profit Organizations, Youth Centers, just to name a few.  We visit establishments dealing with mental illness, alcoholism and substance abuse; we also have guest speakers visit us on site to share their experiences with the class.

Over the last few years we have seen a lot of changes in the Quebec Health and Social Services system.  Our students are made aware of the re-organization of services and the new orientations and policies put in place by the Ministry.

During the course of the Home Care Assistance program, students build strong relationships with each other.  They have the support of their teachers and peers to assist them in their learning process.  Being in class in the evening program offers the students the opportunity to combine work and study. There is a large demand for Home Care Assistants….register now! Call the CVCEC at 450-829-2396 or the NOVA Career Centre 450-691-2540.

The new starting date is set for January 14, 2014

Christiane Caza and Teresa Twerdochlib

Home Care Assistance Teachers

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