Tricks of the trade… from the professionals!

The Interior Decorating and Visual Display class from the NOVA Career Centre recently completed the “Materials for a Project” competency and learned all about the different material finishes used for interior decorating and visual display such as; floor finishes (wood flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, linoleum, cork, carpet), wall finishes (paint, stain, varnish, wallpaper, wainscoting), stone (countertops & ceramic), upholstery fabrics, metals and so on. Towards the end of their competency, a field trip to visit local suppliers helped students visualize and get a better understanding of the materials their purpose and prices. It was a very successful day!

We would like to thank our local suppliers; Rona Chateauguay, Lanctot Flooring and King Granite for having our students over and giving them an amazing educational guided tour of their stores.
Regards, from the students in IDVD and teacher Shelley McGowan.
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