Trip to Library

Visiting The House Of Knowledge And Building Community Connections

The Option/Sunshine Class have been sharpening their literacy skills and building confidence as they look at books that interest them at the local library in Huntingdon. Every three weeks, students have been borrowing books, looking at art exhibitions, researching resources on computers and building community connections with volunteers and visitors from the THE LITTLE GREEN LIBRARY.
The staff, the volunteers and Mr. Gilles Forget of the Green Library, are making sure that all students feel welcomed. They are exceptionally opening the library every three weeks to accommodate students. They are also helping them find “good fit books” which encourages them in their learning and helps them to grow their knowledge.
With the company of volunteers and staff members students are not only expanding their knowledge but are having a delightful experience by bonding and making connections.

Written by the Educators of the Sunshine/Option Class

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