Video Gallery: ALL “Our House” Episodes

This page archives all the “Our House” (Habitat for Humanity, Eco-home project) videos for your viewing pleasure. We also have links for media coverage of the project.

OUR HOUSE episodes:

  • “CHASE’S NEW HOME – THE TOUR” (episode 22): Chase is so excited to show the world his new Habitat for Humanity, LEED certified (eco-friendly) home built by students and staff from CVCEC and other partners. We said Chase you be our host and take everyone on a tour.
  • “THE FINALE” (episode 21): The day we have all been waiting for is finally here… Stacey and Chase get the keys to their new home.
  • VOLUNTEERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE” (episode 20): Would you: raise at least $500, take a day off of work, do some free construction work (which is also a new experience for you) on the home of a complete stranger? Here is the story of a group of remarkable women who did just that.
  • “LANDSCAPING THE LOT” (episode 19): The Landscaping department to the rescue! Students and staff get to work on the “Our House” to install decking, patios and all the outside components needed to make the exterior amazing.
  • “CANADIAN PROUD” (episode 18): Get a sneak peek inside of the House! The honourable member of the Canadian Parliament, Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Salaberry-Suroit), came to CVCEC and the Our House site to visit the installations, meet students and staff and learn about some of the innovative projects that are happening in our Centre.
  • “THE MOVE” (part 2 of 2 / episode 17): We meet the first family! The house finds a new address. We have a drone flying around getting wonderful footage! Get your first look at the ‘Our House’ home on the new site as the modules leave CVCEC by truck, get lifted by crane and placed into position in Ormstown
  • “THE MOVE” (part 1 of 2 / episode 16): The big day has arrived for our four modules to leave our centre and start their journey to their new address.
  • “STUDENT VOICES” (episode 15): James and Simon, two Carpentry students, let us know why they are so excited and grateful to be getting their education and helping out the community at the same time.
  • “HELP FROM FRIENDS” (episode 14): A little help from our friends at Lester B. Pearson School Board’s, Pearson Electrotechnology Centre, as they install the electrical components for the home.
  • “BIG MOVE” (episode 13): Our first module must be moved into the yard out of our carpentry hanger. Tensions are high as it will be a very tight squeeze, and the job takes precision and teamwork to ensure all goes well. Watch the team in action.
  • “THE PROGRESS” (episode 12): The construction of our state-of-the-art eco-friendly homes is moving along nicely. Be sure to spread the word, as we are on the search for two families who’ll end up owning brand new homes.
  • “STATE OF AFFAIRS” (episode 11): We get an update on where the Our House project stands. The team has faced challenges along the way, but the planning stages seem to be coming to and end with the building of an extension at CVCEC in order to have more room to build the houses in components at the centre.
  • “ORMSTOWN FAIR (episode 10): We attend the Ormstown Fair to let families know there is still time to register to become one of two families who will eventually get a brand new house.
  • “GRADUATION (episode 9)”: We attend CVCEC’s Graduation Ceremony and speak to a few students and staff members about the pride and joy felt during this momentous event in one’s academic journey. Congratulations to all our Carpentry, Landscaping Operations, Assistance in Health Care Facilities, Home Care Assistance and Health, Assistance & Nursing (HAN) students. 
  • “TRADES In MOTION (episode 8)”:  We visit the third edition of Trades In Motion, an interactive career fair for students in the Monteregie area. This career fair is like no-other you’ve ever seen, with hands-on activities for all the students. And our LEED tip is about: selection of non-toxic building materials.
  • “The DESIGN” (episode 7): The Design of the ‘Habitat/LEED House’ is ready.Watch how the experience of designing the home was done and get a sneak-peak at what the homes will look like.
  • “RECAP # 1″(episode 6):  A quick recap of some of what’s happened to-date. From the launch of the project, meeting the teacher team, footage from the fundraising Jamboree and witnessing first-hand a Habitat family getting the keys to their own new home.
  • “Key CEREMONY” (epsiode 5): A family gets a new home! We are fortunate to attend a family’s very special moment as they receive the keys to their brand new home from Habitat for Humanity Province of Quebec.
  • “The JAMBOREE” (episode 4): We unleash our love for music and take a look back at our Community Jamboree fundraiser held in Ormstown. Take a listen to our Carpentry teachers who rocked the stage, along with: the Cranes, Durham County Poets, Martin Deschamps and Nanette Workman.
  • “The TOUR” (episode 3): You’ll get very own personal tour of the CVCEC (Chateaguay Valley Career Education Centre) facility and we find out where their students do their work and what programs are offered at the centre.
  • “The TEAM” (episode 2): We introduce to you our team of carpentry teachers from CVCEC. They talk about their role and the excitement of being involved in such an amazing project. You also get another LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) tip of the day.
  • “The BUILD” (episode 1): First episode of “Our House” the series. The carpentry program at CVCEC, along with its partners, will be building a Habitat for Humanity Home in the beautiful municipality of Ormstown for two families. You can watch all year long, in order to find out the latest updates and see how this amazing project is moving forward.






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