video: Roberto and Lisa’s story

We met up with Roberto Ruiz Lopez and his wife Lisa-Mae Hewer as they were finishing up their studies at HAECC. We asked them to bring along their children, as not everyone has 10 kids at home and we also wanted to meet them. Why? We wanted our users to get a chance to hear from these two remarkable students (Roberto & Lisa-Mae). Both were completing their high school studies, in order to improve the opportunities for their family to succeed.

As Roberto said “Graduation is not the end of something as much as it is the start of something. It means the opportunity to become something that you dream about. It is an opportunity to give back, to take you out of your comfort zone, to do something for someone else and to make a difference. The opportunities are out there, let’s go look for them and get them.” Be sure to read Roberto in his own words complete story here. 

A story of courage, perseverance and determination, Roberto and Lisa we salute you.

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