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Why choose us?
You have been searching for your passion. The journey is not easy and you need some help to figure out what to do next, to get on the track you want, to get going and moving forward.
Why choose us?
You know you are smart and ready for a new challenge. The biggest step is the first one and the people in our centres are waiting for you. They can support you, guide you and show you the path you might want to try this time.
Why choose us?
You have a choice. Life is always putting obstacles in your way and making you choose which way to turn. We are here to coach you through your choices.
Choose us because we choose you. The journey begins with you.

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Here are our courses and probable start dates:

Course Probable Start Date
Accounting September 14, 2015
Assistance in Health Care Facilities September 22, 2015
Automobile Mechanics September 8, 2015 – Evening
Carpentry January 7, 2016
April 6, 2016 (Probable date)
Construction Business Management  TBD (to be determined)
Hairdressing August 31, 2015
Health, Assistance & Nursing September 22, 2015
Home Care Assistance September 22, 2015
Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations September 8, 2015
Interior Decorating and Visual Display September 9, 2015 – Day
September 9, 2015 – Evening
October 19, 2015 – Evening
Landscaping Operations September 21, 2015
Residential & Commercial Drafting September 9, 2015 (Full) – day
September 9, 2015 – Evening
Secretarial Studies January 11, 2016
Secretarial Studies – Medical  TBD (to be determined)
Starting a Business September 15, 2015
Welding and Fitting August 31, 2015 (Full) – day
August 31, 2015 (Full) – Evening
Welding – High Pressure August 31, 2015 (Full) – Evening
Academics – HAECC September 8, 2015
Academics – NOVA day August 27, 2015
Academics – NOVA evening TBD (To be determined)
Sunshine class September 1, 2015
SVIS September 1, 2015
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