Visual Display… it’s all about the Visuals!

In the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program at the Nova Career Centre, we love bringing our students on trips to visit within the industry.

Close to 40 students along with their teachers’ Martine Beaulieu and Amanda Lemay, participated in one of these trips.

The students were treated to visits at three companies that specialize in Visual Display and one material library for Interior Decorating.

Our first stop was at Étalage B Display, where the students were treated to a tour through the visual display company’s workshops and incredibly organized storage facilities. The representatives educated the students on the process of starting with the sketch of an idea and developing it into a fully inspired design. They explained the pressures of meeting the expectations and deadlines of their very high-end clients. The students were also given the opportunity to look through many binders of photographs of past displays for inspiration.

Our second stop was unscheduled but equally educational for our students. Right next to Étalage B Display was a material library for designers and decorators called Er2. The students received a tour through the very trendy and beautifully organized showroom. The very knowledgeable representative explained the materials available, as well as the membership process to such an organization, and how to borrow samples to show clients.  This was a valuable lesson for our soon to be professional decorators.

Next, we were off to the awe-inspiring showroom of the Montreal location of Studio Specialties. This company supplies every imaginable prop and has them all out on display in their showroom. The biggest challenge is trying not to touch everything!

Our final stop was to Gender Mannequins. I’m sure the students had no idea that there are so many feature options available for mannequins. The incredible showroom was displayed with everybody type represented, as well as presenting all the latest trends in mannequins. In case your wondering, interchangeable heads are trending this year!

It was a beautiful day that was full of real-life learning!

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