Learn to save a life

In September, CVCEC offered a CPR and First Aid class through The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Their mission to save lives by enabling faster, better cardiac emergency response and treatment relies on you, to become a first-aider. Chances are the victim will be someone you know, love and want to help. In addition to making a community safer you will be able to recognize and assist in any life threatening emergency situation and potentially save a life.
We are pleased to announce, that we are once again offering another 8-hour course of CPR and First Aid before the end of 2015, on the following dates:
November 26th & 27th 4-hours each night (8-hours total).
Through The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, we are also able to offer tailored courses to meet your training needs or the demands of many different work environments.
So please consider this opportunity and come on in and register at CVCEC (450-829-2396) for a CPR and First Aid course. You don’t have to be a registered student to take these classes, but you just might want to be a part of a community of lifelong learners.

Lisa Dobson
Teacher and CPR/First Aid Instructor


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