What Defines You?

What defines you? This was the first question our HAN students (and teachers – Health, Assistance and Nursing) were asked as we embarked on a reflection on cultural competency as global citizens and nursing students.

mother, honest, caring, Canadian, determined,

Native American, proud, sister, open-minded,

 Irish, respectful, strong, daughter, trustworthy,

creative, loyal, patient…

Such words, brought forth over and over, demonstrated that as individuals we share commonalities that connect us and that we shine through our differences.

Testimonials renewed our perspectives of different cultures, histories and personal experiences. Knowledge was gained and respect for others flourished.

At CVCEC, we strive to make all students feel welcome.Working to full potential, being open-minded and embracing teamwork are expected of all.

 When we treat people EQUALLY, we ignore differences

When we treat people EQUITABLY, we RECOGNIZE and RESPECT differences.

Danielle Boak-HAN teacher

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