Whole Lotta Styling Goin ‘On

Students in the Hairdressing department at the NOVA Career Centre took the opportunity to show off their creative sides and design an Alice in Wonderland themed initiative.
Working well together, going outside of their comfort zone and pushing their creative skills produced a final product that… even had the ‘Cheshire Cat’ grin larger than usual.

Fantastic job by the students:
Class of 2017-2018!
Created, Styled and Modeled by: Vanessa Crête, Megan Day, Kayla Deer, Angelica Desautels, Susana Furtado, Zachary Grant, Ni Hao, Ainsley MacDonald,Tammy Slobozian, Liana-Carolina Soto Najanjo, Kidane-Mehret Spence, Patricia Weigt, Adam Wintringham-Norrish.
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