Your work experience may count! (RAC @ NFSB)

Meet Chris Jones! He had ‘work experience’ but didn’t have the ‘certification’ he needed to go with it!

He just finished the RAC process with us. He is now fully certified with the cards he needs to work where he wants, how he wants and with whom he wants.

Chris didn’t have to do the entire Carpentry program because the RAC (Recognition of acquired competencies) process allows students to have their work experience count towards credits for their diploma. It fast-tracks the student’s journey with an individualized process, where we will help build a unique schedule based on your needs and availability. Our goal (the RAC way) is to get you the certification and training you need as quickly as possible based on knowledge you already have, in order to open up more options to you in your chosen work field.

This is Chris’ story!

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