You = Success


Broadly speaking, success is when a student is able to finish the program and graduate with a DEP.

However, on a daily basis, success is a regular undertaking involving dynamic relationships – between the student and the

–        material being learned;
–        rest of the classmates;
–        CVCEC network of staff (secretarial, counselling, administration, custodial);
–        community of students; and
–        teachers

We strive to create a supportive, engaging, challenging and most importantly, FUN community at our little school where there is value in being present and involved.  We foster learning at every level, including teachers learning from the students who take our classes.

Daily student success is a goal of all of us at CVCEC.

John Hodges (Carpentry teacher)

2 Responses
  1. P J Gabriel

    I wanna say congrats to the naskapi students that have completed the course and to their other classmates way to go guys two

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