The Interior Decorating and Visual Display department at the Nova Career Centre was once again happy to flex their talented muscles by providing and installing the decor for the 2016 NFSB Golf Tournament.

The students were able to gain real life experience by applying their lessons learned during the ‘Special Event Design competency’. It all started with my conversation with Mrs. Lynn Harkness, the long time coordinator of the event, who requested a more vintage theme and an end to the use of helium balloons. The students then reinvented the past centerpieces and decor with new fabric and paint techniques.

The students had only 3 classes to dedicate to this event. They started by breaking into teams to focus on different tasks. One group worked on sketching re-invented centrepieces. Another on repainted old props. While yet another team worked on creating a photo-booth background and funny props for the event.

I could not have been prouder with how dedicated and professional the Fall 2015 Day group acted. They honed their prop building skills and applied their wiring/hanging techniques learned in other competencies to create the vintage golf atmosphere the organisers were looking for.

We are thankful to have gained real life experience while being part of such an important fundraiser for the New Frontier School Board.

Amanda Lemay

Teacher – Interior Decorating and Visual Display program

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