Lifelong Journeys

In the Drafting Department we know that sharing information, experiences, opinions make us “richer”, and we do indeed implement this in our teaching methods.

It was an evening at the NOVA Career Centre when 4 drafting groups met in one classroom. The senior students (guided by their teacher Allan Skazyk) just came back from their internships and they had prepared power point presentations in order to “display” their first experience in the field, before graduating.

Carolyn Coulthrust’s group was a module away from their internship so their curiosity along with their anxiety was rising up high. Kerry Thysen’s group was what we call “the newbies”. They were counting only a few days in the Drafting Department and they were eager to interact with the older groups and find out what the future holds them here at Nova. Me and my group, who were almost in the middle of their 16-month program of study and they were already wondering about their stages, were more than happy to host this gathering in our classroom.

And the results?

Well, first of all the students from the group that was presenting by explaining the work that they produced and answering all sorts of the questions realized the amount of knowledge that they have gained through these months  and left NOVA clearly more confident than 16 months ago when they first arrived. The “newbies” were looking at each other wondering as to whether they are going to reach that level in the months to come, while the other 2 groups had the opportunity to get an answer to their questions and to fight their insecurities as to whether they are ready or not to “dive” in the trade.

And the journey continues…

Alma Tralo (Instructor / Teacher)

Residential and Commercial Drafting

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