Horticulture Hip-hop music video

The world premiere of our first ever Horticulture Hip Hop song! Five of our Horticulture students (Drew, Zack, Kendra, Justin & Linda) had an idea to produce, write and perform their own Hip Hop Horticulture music video as one of their class assignments. Teacher Denise Chavez said “go for it”! Therefore ladies and gentleman, here it is… enjoy!

So what inspired them to create their own song?

Student, Drew Jerome: I took part in the video because I thought it would be fun and I wanted to send out a message about how the world is being polluted and mistreated. I also wanted to let people know that if we all stand together as one and stick up for what is right we can make the world a better place

Kendra VanDoren added: I thought it would be fun to participate making a video about things that people should be aware of.

And finally, Justin Vaillancourt said: I wanted to have fun with this. I wanted to have a message expressed in a way that was going to get their attention, something that was catchy. Also we have two guys (Zack, Drew) which I love and respect who rap and are very good at it, so why not use them to convey a message that is is serious and important.

Performed by:
Linda Brigden
Zack Greenleaf
Drew Jerome
Justin Vaillancourt
Kendra VanDoren

Song lyrics written by:
Zack Greenleaf
Drew Jerome

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