Mtl to NOVA, in less than 20 minutes!

Looking to take a trade and you live on the island of Montreal? Have you checked into all the vocational options at the NOVA Career Centre? NO! Why not?

Here they are:
Interior Decorating and Visual Display
Starting a Business
Residential & Commercial Drafting
RV Maintenance & Repair
Automobile Mechanics
Secretarial Studies
Welding -High Pressure
Welding and Fitting

It’s less then 20 minutes away from the Angrignon metro station and if you need public transportation, NOVA will pay the bus pass for full-time students who require one from Montreal to Chateauguay.

To prove it, we actually took a video camera and filmed how long it took for us to drive from the Angrignon metro station to the NOVA Career Centre. The proof is in the footage!

19 minutes and 26 seconds and we didn’t speed!






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