Architectural visit

This month, some of our drafting students visited the J Dagenais Architecte enterprise,  located on Boulevard D’Anjou in Chateauguay.

An eight minute walkthrough was enough to speak to Judith, an Architectural Technologist. Passionate, she introduced us to the profession of draftsman by telling us her personal journey and throughout her story, the students asked questions and were very curious and interested.

She explained to the students how their new ‘darling’ project: J Dagenais Architecte is expanding, in order to offer her team a better place to work, create and draw. With a concrete project in front of them, the students were impressed with the work involved.

She also skimmed through the steps to follow, such as:

  • listening and analyzing the project.
  • Going to the building site to take the dimensions, draw them and transfer them to AutoCad.
  • Inevitably, there must be alignment with the building code, municipal laws and so on…
  • Of course, working as a team, therefore communicating, trusting, helping each other and never work alone.
  • Always having in mind the project delivery date.

We finished the day with a visit of the offices (magnificent) and chatted with the cordial people who work there.

Madame Dagenais had the kindness to receive us, her way of “giving back to the community”

Hats off Madame Dagenais and your team for your generosity, this was a great gift!

Martine Beaulieu
Teacher – Residential and Commercial Drafting

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