Beyond the classroom

For the student, the typical day in the Construction Carpentry program at CVCEC means attending class either in the classroom or in the shop or field, depending on the topic or the tasks to be accomplished.  Sometimes, students who have finished their assigned work or who are ahead of the rest of the group can be asked to participate in something less like school and more like “real life”.

Here is a snapshot of an untypical day for some students who ahead of their class and an idea of what kind of fun can happen while learning.

The Centre is growing, and there is a new addition being constructed. Inside the new structure is a classroom that used to be outside and was connected via a little building that housed the mechanical room.  We wanted to demolish this little building so that we could use the new facility to its maximum potential.

Working together, a few students and I spent the day taking it all apart and disposing of the pieces.  It was hard work, but a lot of fun and also instructive; we were able to see how it all went together and the best (and safest) ways to take it apart. Demolition can be instructive, challenging and a great teamwork project – teamwork being one of those important “soft” skills that we emphasize at CVCEC.

John Hodges (Carpentry Teacher)

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