Building for Success

I remember 6 years ago taking the Carpentry DEP course in Ormstown at CVCEC, what is now a classroom used to be a storage shed and the hangar was on a gravel floor and not yet insulated. My colleague Don showed me pictures of years before where the fences were so close by it seems unbelievable today. The fence has since been moved away from the facility in order to give way for a great new structure.  An extension of 8000 square feet is being built and will be used initially to construct the Our House Project and will be integrated into our teaching space. This structure is well underway and should be in full operation in the spring. It’s very encouraging to see this place grow with more students joining our ranks. More space means more potential and the students will be the first to benefit. We are looking forward to the next adventure!

Jovan Mercier Montminy (Carpentry Teacher)

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