Canada – land of opportunity

Before coming to Canada, I was a teacher who worked at the university. The reason that I came to study in Canada is that I wanted to break through the bottleneck of my work, gain further training, hone my skills in the English language and have a larger and better education platform.
I got to know the PEQ program (Programme de l’Expérience Québécoise) in July, 2015 from one of my friends who did it in 2014. And I came to Quebec in May, 2016. The course I finally chose was Residential and Commercial Drafting. And unexpectedly, the Centre was Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) in Ormstown, a place near the border of Canada and the USA.
At first, I really did not want to study in this location, but, it is in Ormstown that I met amazing and nice people, who really helped and encouraged me.
First, I am so lucky to live in Debbie and Don’s nice house. They helped me to conquer the language barrier, to adapt to the brand-new environment and to encourage me when I have hardships and difficulties.
Second, I would like to thank the entire staff in our Career Centre, especially the teachers who teach us. To be honest, I am not good at drafting. This has been the most difficult and challenging course that I have ever learned because there are a lot of architectural drawings and spatial imagination. Besides, the fields that I studied before, have nothing to do with drafting. There are other students who have done this stuff before, so I feel that I am a little bit behind. However, with my committed effort and the continuous help from my teachers, especially the program manager Rachida, I have been able to scale one obstacle after another.
Now I have been studying in Ormstown for nearly half a year and up to now, everything is good.
Third, I am very grateful that I have never been in a desperate situation. I used to feel puzzled, stressed and lonely. I really miss my parents, my family and my hometown. But gradually, things became better, like my family finally get united after four months. I feel so grateful about life.
All in all, after coming to Canada, I have been moved and been moved by lots of things. The tremendous help which has come from my landlord, from my neighbours, my friends, my classmates and even strangers, is something I will always cherish and never forget. Even if I write thousands of words, it is still hard to describe my feelings. Thank you all. And in my future life, I will also try my best to help those needed.
Deng Liu, Student – Residential and Commercial Drafting

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