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STAYIN’ ALIVE! After reading a book called “4-season gardening”, we decided to try and grow vegetables in the winter. With the help of the landscaping students, we put up an unheated tunnel and hoped for the best. After the big snow storm and -28C at night we are happy to announce our little babies are...
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TEAM WORK! This week the landscaping students came to help us (Horticulture program) with our tunnel. Thanks for all your help. This week we also visited tropical greenhouses and the Interior Decorating and Visual Display students from NOVA joined us and saw how greenwalls are made… a big trend right now. The “Trades” blend so...
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As you interact with us going forward you may notice our new NFSB Continuing Education logo, or maybe a new banner or ad. What we hope you’ll see is, us honouring our current and future students who find the courage to overcome obstacles, defy expectation, and follow their passion. Whether they’re exploring one of our 17...
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As students of the Landscaping Operations program learn the techniques for installing and maintaining plants, they work with basic tools. They include shovels, spades, trowels, pruners, hand saws, loppers and shears. These simple tools are still relied upon to perform daily tasks in our trade. Learning to work with each tool safely and efficiently is...
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Did you know we have French speaking students taking vocational programs in our Centres? Choosing to do a vocational program in an English institution in Quebec is open to everyone, as linguistic laws do not apply in the vocational sector. Our francophone students are learning the trade they love while improving their English language skills at...
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I have to say that my first year working at CVCEC has been amazing. This place is such a great place to be, as an employee as well as a student. A new group of Carpentry students started this week. I know for a fact that they have come to the right place. A new...
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In only 7-months you can earn your diploma in Landscaping Operations. The industry is looking for qualified professionals… that can be you!      
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