Planting some “Roots”

There is a great little cafe in Huntingdon called “Racines” (Roots in French). It is run by a co-op and serves great meals made with local ingredients. The staff is part of a “reinsertion social” program and in the Horticulture program we thought we would lend them a hand…plus their espresso coffee is out of this world! So for the tropical plant course (a module within the program) and also to Trade it Forward… we donated a little indoor tropical garden. Seven students plus ladders, screws, drills and an old palette set out and transformed the place. Daniel from the co-op was thrilled and we also gave him some detailed instructions on the names and how to take care of his plants. And we thought how do you make a perfect little cafe even better… add some tropical plants. Thank you “Roots” for welcoming us and allowing us to give back!

Denise Chavez – Horticulture Teacher

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