Horticulture in the Winter

While some people are getting ready to escape the winter winds, Horticulture students are making the most of the lengthening daylight hours. In the greenhouse, the time has begun to start planting seeds. Within days of planting, we see the new green growth of this summer’s annual flowers and vegetables. Very soon, full production from cuttings and seeds will be filling the tables. With the Begonias in full orange and pink bloom, it helps keep the inspiration alive.

Bundling up, we are working outside shoveling pathways through the gardens and maintaining the tunnel where cold-season leafy vegetables are starting to grow. Heated only by sunlight, the temperatures can get quite-high, enabling the students to keep their hands in the soil and do some winter weeding.

Very soon, we will begin our work outside with our Pruning Module. From learning how woody plants grow and how we can maintain their health, the students will visit local orchards and tree nurseries to cut, form, and enhance fruit production with a variety of tools.

Here is our video tutorial on how to plant seeds properly :). 


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