Iokennoron McComber’s success story

After doing 10 months in the Introduction to Construction Trades course, which entailed learning the basics of welding, carpentry, electric and plumbing, I decided that the carpentry program would be the best fit for my skills. Already an accomplished carpenter and having excelled in the other trades offered by the ICT course, I had a good base established for the construction industry. When I arrived on the first day, I realized that even though I thought I knew a lot about the trade: I didn’t know as much as I thought. I left everything I already knew at the front door and let the teachers do their job. Apparently they did it very well, since out of three graduating classes I received the Award for Professional Excellence. The faculty welcomed me with open arms, which was a surprise to me, being that I do not look like the most approachable or friendliest person. From start to finish, the course engaged my interest, some modules I breezed through and others offered me more of a challenge. The 11 months that I’ve spent at CVCEC was time well spent, I’ve made some great friends and learned so much. If they offered an additional 11 months with other modules, I would jump at the chance, I’m sure Alice can fix something up. Especially with the LEED/Habitat for Humanity house being introduced this year, I’m sure I’ll be making the 40 minute trek on a daily basis again.

Iokennoron McComber, 2014 Carpentry graduate

Iokennoron has registered and will be in the Construction Business Management course that is due to start this fall. Come join him in his next adventure at CVCEC!



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