It takes all kinds!

Enhancing creativity among our Home Care Assistance program has proven to be effective.

Our students come from different backgrounds with a varied knowledge base and are ready to share their life experience.  We give our students the opportunity to take part in the learning process every chance we get. We prepare them to be resourceful.

Enhancing their creativity by:

–         Brainstorming their ideas

–         Sharing their talents

–         Fundraising

–         Cooking on a low budget

–         Creating a resource guide for their future use

–         Writing a classroom Code of Ethics

–         Spending time with community residents

–         Putting together a workshop with Chateauguay Elders

Just to name a few……

Through fundraising we were able to give small donations to local non-profit organizations that open their doors to us to experience what they do in our community.  We were able to serve 250 meals at the local food bank, spent an evening in a facility providing workshops with the residents and much more.

The new start date is set for January 2014, call the CVCEC at 450.829.2396 or Nova at 450.691.2540

Christiane Caza and Teresa Twerdochlib

Home Care Assistance Teachers

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