A Job Well Done!

Every year we have new students joining our various committees along with staff members within our school at CVCEC. I would like to mention one of our committees in particular as I have been part of the Health and Wellness Committee for the past 3 years. The main goal of this committee is to provide opportunities for students and staff to adapt a healthier lifestyle, being either physical or mental.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts of two students in particular on a job well done. They tend to stand out during every meeting and every activity such as: “Lug a Mug”, hockey tournaments and cultural pot lucks to name but a few.

Alexandra Critchley in our Health, Assistance and Nursing Program and Derrick Odger from our Carpentry Program have taken on a proactive approach in setting up meetings and organizing various activities for the school. Their dedication and perseverance to this committee throughout their academic year has been integral to the success of our endeavours.

So on behalf of everyone who has benefitted from the initiatives set forth by these committees I would like to thank you both, as well as, all of those who have donated their time and effort to helping those around them.

Lisa Dobson

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